Our establishment is the first hotel in Nancy to have obtained the Green Key label, for sustainable tourism.

Developed in France since 1998, the Green Key label is, by the number of labeled establishments and by its anteriority, the first eco-label for tourist establishments in France.

It includes in particular the implementation of an environmental policy and a socially responsible approach, intelligent waste management (reduction at source, collection and recycling), control of energy and water consumption, purchases responsible (especially for food and maintenance), active awareness raising among employees and customers: these are all criteria of the Green Key label that are taken into account by labeled establishments.

The labeling process provides for regular audits and the collection of evidence to attest to the seriousness of the institutions' approach.

Access the Green Key label website by clicking here.

Awareness of the guests and employees

• Our environment manager has taken specific training on the issues of sustainable tourism, environmental preservation and CSR.

• Our teams are trained in eco-friendly gestures in respect of their daily tasks.

• We provide our customers with information relating to eco-friendly actions practiced in our premises.


• We have installed double flow flushes.

• We have installed water frothers on the taps.

• We check our water meters every month in order to better manage our consumption.

Energy Savings

• Our rooms are equipped with a centralized energy management system on departure from customers (RFID cards or main switch). 

• Our establishment is equipped with a centralized energy management system. 

• Our windows are fitted with double glazing.

• We have installed presence detectors in the outbuildings in order to limit electricity consumption.

• We use low consumption and LED bulbs.

• We have an energy supplier committed to green energy (ENI).

• We check our electricity meters every month in order to better manage our consumption.


• We have set up selective sorting for paper, glass, cardboard, plastic, batteries, light bulbs, ink cartridges, polluting products. 

• We have set up sorting bins in the rooms.

• Pressure shower gel and shampoo dispensers are installed in the bathrooms to limit waste.

• We offer complimentary hospitality products on request, always with the aim of reducing the production of packaging waste.

• We donate our used and obsolete equipment to associations (EMMAUS).


• The interior spaces of the hotel are completely non-smoking.

• We encourage our guests to consume tap water or if using the plastic bottle, to recycle it.

• We limit maintenance products as much as possible and for this purpose, we have just equipped ourselves with anti-bacterial and virucidal dry steam devices, beneficial for air quality and therefore the health of our teams and our customers.

• We try to favor local, seasonal products from fair trade and organic farming.

• Our partners are also committed to the CSR approach (linen, office supplies, SPA products).

• Our plants are treated without pesticides and with natural fertilizers.

• We practice responsible watering.

• Each year, we are committed to developing our commitments.